V65 Vacuum Street Sweeper

The V65 represents over 50 years of evolution! Longer on-station time than ever, lowest-ever running costs and more than one thousand design upgrades – all powered by an evironmentally-friendly and fuel efficient engine years ahead of its time.

Current Stock:

Stainless steel construction includes an 8.5 yd3 usable hopper, 415 gallon water tank and fan and hopper filtration screens.

Manufactured with smart machine technology to simplify operations and streamline services.
The VT652 has a centralized sealed system locker along with “unhanded” sweep gear components. The top-loading catch basin cleaner will permit a work coverage range of 270 degrees and a safety shield for the operator.

One of a kind performance with an energy-efficient fan system.
Featuring a direct drive with fluid coupler and set-up gear box transmission with a full 5-year warranty. It’s exclusive “one-pass” sweeping system and 12’ sweep path with a “straight inlet” vacuum make it easy to operate.
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