Twin Auger Snowblower

The snowblower is the go-to attachment of many municipal sidewalk programs. Our twin auger snowblowers are highly efficient, two stage, units capable of clearing heavy snow over 5 feet deep. Many municipalities utilize both our sidewalk chute and truck loading chute, or our telescopic chute. After clearing their sidewalks, they switch to truck loading windrowed snow from the street or from cul de sacs. The manoeuvrability and physical size of the MT and snowblower are less apt to create traffic congestion than larger snowblowers.

Current Stock:
Available Widths 51" (1295mm)
60" (1524mm)
70" (1778mm)
80" (2032mm)
Housing 38" high with 3/8" end plates
Augers 2 - 13" dia. spiral with ice picks
Impeller 6" x 24" - 4 blade
Housing liner: 2-piece replaceable
Turntable Ball bearing
Chute rotator Hydraulic motor
Chute deflector Hydraulic cylinder controlled
Cutting edge 6" x ½" hardened reversible
Shear bolts On auger drive and main PTO drive
Adjustable cutting height Using top link
Horsepower Rating  125 HP
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