Tow Behind Spreader

The Trackless MT tow behind spreader is a 1 yard capacity with a spread distance of up to 22 kilometers (14 miles). It is hydraulically driven and has an electric actuator which controls the spread distance. The tow behind spreader conserves material by dispersing it evenly in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. The delivery roller maintains a 41-inch spread width; this prevents material waste as well as turf damage from salt, both of which can be a problem with spinner spreaders. As a result, reduced labour costs from fewer refills and lower material costs minimizes the overall cost of operation.

Current Stock:
Spread width 40" (1016mm)
Capacity 1 cubic yard
Spread distance 12 to 14 miles (19 to 22km)
Drive Hydraulic
Brakes Electric over Hydraulic
Agitators 1
Spread pattern Diamond



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