T76 Mainline Inspection Camera Tractor - 6” to 60” Pipe

The T76 has the broadest range of any sewer inspection robot. This system which will inspect relined 6” sewer pipe, easily transforms into a tractor capable of inspecting large diameter pipelines. The new T76 is the first inspection crawler capable of accepting a LISY Lateral Launch system attachment, turning it into a complete mainline and lateral launch solution! Features include zero radius steering, continuous camera rotation, automatic tilt compensation, and a folding 2-axis rear connector. Our tractors are also equipped with a location transmitter that puts out two different frequencies (33 khz and 512 Hz) to cooperate with your job conditions.

Current Stock:
Zero Radius Steering -
Tractor Range (Pull Distance) up to 1000' (300m) up to 2000' (600m) up to 2000' (600m)
Dual-Axis, Pivoting Center
Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) -
Location Transmitter -
LISY Attachment (Optional) -
Elevator Attachment (Optional) Manual Electric Electric
Additional Weight T66 Weight Kit T76 Small & T76 Large Kit T86 Large Kit




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