Stump Grinder

The Trackless 24 inch Stump Grinder is the latest addition to their impressive line-up of attachments for their North American built municipal tractor. The 24 inch diameter rotor has 34 bolt-on carbide teeth and is powered from the tractors hydraulic system. With the Trackless joystick, movements are very precise and easy for the operator when lowering, tilting, or maneuvering the cutting head. Customers like that the grinder is front mounted, easy to maneuver in tight areas and can be driven from one job site to another without having to load it on a truck and trailer to transport it several times per day.

Current Stock:
Cutting Head Hydraulically driven
24" diameter
34 carbide bolt on teeth
Cutting Speed 850rpm
Cutting Range Swing arc 80°
15" above ground
14" below ground level
Hitch System For Trackless MT series tractors only
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