Snocrete Model 948D Large Snowblower

The 948D Snocrete® is our largest industrial snow blower which easily attaches to wheel loaders. This model is ideal for free casting and truck loading.The Snocrete design is proven tough for over 50 years in the harshest winter conditions. The single stage twin fan design is ready to take on hard packed snow and whatever is hidden beneath with industry leading resistance to foreign objects. An easily detachable power unit, makes this model unique and ready for quick and easy maintenance as well as significantly lower future replacement costs as the blower head can be replaced separately from the power unit.


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Single-Stage Design:
Snocrete®'s twin fan single stage design moves more snow per horsepower than the two stage competitors. When the snow hits the fan, the snow is projected directly up the spout in a single fluid motion. In a two-stage design snow hits the augers and is then carried to the fan where it is projected up the spout. The snow's irection/inertia is changed three times!

Detachable Power Unit:
Power Unit easily detaches from blower head in minutes allowing for easy maintenance access to all components. It also allows for significantly lowered replacement costs as blower heads can be replaced separately from power heads.


Cutting Width: 109"

Cutting Height: 52"

Weight: 9,000 lbs.

Engine HP: 275 HP

Rated Capacity: 2800 TPH

Spout: 270° Rotation with 90° Telescope

Controls: Blower Mount Control Box with In-Cab Wireless

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