Ribbon Snowblower

The Ribbon Snowblower is the next generation of snowblower technology from Trackless Vehicles Ltd. Designed for higher output, this snowblower outperforms all others in heavy wet snow and is extremely aggressive when cutting into frozen banks. Available widths: 51”, 60” and 75”.

Current Stock:
Available Widths 51" (1295mm)
60" (1524mm)
75" (1905mm)
Housing 38" high with 3/8" end plates
Auger 1 - 28" dia. ribbon with ice picks
Impeller 7½" x 24" dia. - 5 scoop blades
Housing liner: 2-piece replaceable
Cutting edge 6" x ½" hardened reversible
Shear bolts On augers and main PTO drive
Adjustable cutting height Using adjustable shoe brackets
Skid shoes Free pivoting 1½" thick hardened
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