Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader

The Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader was specifically engineered for sidewalk applications. By dispensing a 41-inch spread width, it is designed to avoid the waste and turf damage often associated with broadcast type spreaders. The delivery roller further conserves material by spreading it evenly in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. Making efficient use of the spread material will allow you to go farther, prolonging the need to return for a refill saving material, labour and fuel costs.

Current Stock:
Spread width 41" (1041mm)
Capacity ½ cubic yard
Spread distance 3 to 8 miles (4 to 12km)
Drive Hydraulic
Agitators 1
Safety Galvanized safety screen
Screw jacks for removal 3
Zinc plated lift hooks 2



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