R65 Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

The R65 provides cost effective, efficient road sweeping. Regenerative air circulation allows for large forward facing digger gutter brooms and a full width suction to maximize sweeping speed. Combined with ergonomic operator controls and low running costs, the R65m provides an ideal solution to long low cambered roads and urban environments.

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Simple yet, significant, the RS655 has in-cab controls with audible and visual indicators, along with a set and forget pick-up head, unhanded sweep gear components and a centralized key system.
It has an energy-efficient fan system with a fluid coupler set-up gear box transmission.
It’s 12’ sweep path and aggressive 44’ leading arm digger-type gutter brooms provides the operator the ability to sweep/scrub in front of 93” pick-up head.
The R65 is as indestructible as it gets.

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