Power Angle Sweeper

The Power Angle Sweeper can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks every month of the year making it one of the most cost-effective and versatile attachments to own. In addition to sweeping sand, gravel or other debris from sidewalks, parking lots, cul de sacs, intersections or other confined areas, the sweeper can also be used to dethatch large lawns and playing fields in the summer or remove snow from sidewalks in the winter.

Current Stock:
Sweeping width 5' (1524mm)
6' (1828mm)
7' (2133mm)
8' (2438mm)
*3' (914mm) and 4' (1219mm) made to order*
Overall width Sweeping width + 10" (254mm)
Broom diameter 32" (812mm)
Angling Mechanism Self-centering scissor frame
30° left or right
Power/Drive Direct hydraulic drive with relief valve
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