Model 1200 & Model 1800 Conveyors

Choose between a belt width of 12 inches or 18 inches; that's the difference between the two models. Both are made to fit standard dump bodies with a maximum width of 96" (outside measurement). Special order wider widths up to 103" are now available! 

Current Stock:

• Available in 12 or 18 inch widths

• Improve your bottom line and give yourself the competitive edge that is so necessary in today’s economy with the Hydraulic Truck Conveyor. material like sand, gravel or hot asphalt where you want them, when you want them, without the expensive hand labor.

• Operating the HTC is a simple one-person job that can be handled from the truck cab.

• HTC discharges from either side, making asphalt patching, highway shouldering, ditch filling, sandbag filling, and road sanding fast and easy.

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