Leaf Loader

A municipal leaf collection program is a great service to offer residents but it can also be an expensive venture. The Trackless Leaf Loader is an advanced and efficient leaf loading attachment whereby leaves are picked up curbside, mulched and blown into a truck ready to be taken offsite. The Leaf Loader is capable of loading four trucks per hour or 100,000 pounds of leaves per day. Most customers claim to be three to four weeks ahead of schedule at the end of their leaf pickup season.

Current Stock:
Throat opening 72" (1828mm) x 35" (889mm)
Mulching rotor Full width with 24 knives
Beater bar feed roller 18 pairs of spring base type tines
Intermediate feed roller 32 tines, eccentric rotation
Cross auger 14 inch diameter
Blower fan 32" (813mm) x 7" (178mm) with 6 replaceable paddles and knives
Drive protection Torque limiting clutch on PTO shaft, over running clutch in gearbox
Drive PTO driven rotor and blower fan, hydraulic driven beater bar feed roller, intermediate feed roller, and cross auger
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