IKAS Evolution Vehicle Software

IKAS Evolution Package for IBAK Vehicle Systems is a powerful database application for all types of inspections: including lateral launch, mainline, PANORAMO HD, laser scan, and more. This software will allow you to capture video and images, and produce complete reports with defect identification and scoring. Data and videos can be exported for the customer to view the information. The software has an extensive list of expansion modules available to further its capabilities.

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Module CompatibilityEvolution PushEvolution MobileEvolution VehicleEvolution Office
Map Editor
Map Viewer
Map Route Assistant
3D GeoSense
Defects Measurement - -
Laser Deformation Measurement -
Tilt Measurement -
Temperature Measurement -
Reference Image Defects Measurement - -
Job Rule Measurement Included
Video Analysis Included
Continuous Profile Analysis - -
PANORAMO® Analysis H + SI -
PANORAMO® Analysis SI -
PANORAMO® SI 3D Measurement -
Shape for ESRI
SanPlan - - -



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