The Trackless Snow Lion Ice-Breaker is designed to pulverize ice as well as a hard pack snow base that can build up over time. Prevention of potential slip and falls is a major concern for all municipalities and our ice breaker attachment was designed specifically for this purpose. Not only does the Trackless Snow Lion design have a double pulverizing roller system which provides essentially two passes in one but the cutters are mounted on spring loaded independent suspension which allows them to dip into and back out of low spots, wheelchair ramps and tapered driveway crossings where people are most likely to slip.

Current Stock:
Drive Traction Drive
Ice Cutters Two 47 inch (1200 mm) wide
Cutter Wheels Eight pairs of 10 inch (250 mm) diameter
Cutter Wheels Mount Spring loaded independent suspension
Counterweights Removable
Support leg Adjustable
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