Fixed Wing V-Plow

When you need to clear snow from sidewalks in a hurry, the Trackless V-Plow is the ideal attachment to mount to your Trackless MT. Designed specifically for high-speed sidewalk plowing, the V-Plow has an excellent snow rolling and throwing action that cuts effortlessly through light or drifting snow. The tapered nose and body allow it to ride safely over uneven surfaces without damaging the plow or the sidewalk.Like all of our attachments, the V-Plow is built to last with 10-gauge steel blade wings, ¼” reinforcing ribs, abrasion resistant skid shoes and hardened steel cutting edges resulting in an attachment that meets the durability standards Trackless is known for.Teaming up the Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader with the V-Plow is one of the most popular combinations chosen by our customers. The plow splits the snow into two banks with some fallback on each side reducing the cleared width from 49” to approximately 44”. The rear spreader then follows, laying down a 41” wide path of material.

Current Stock:
Width at bottom 49" (1245mm), at wings 51" (1295mm)
Height at nose 28" (711mm), at wings 35" (889mm)
Cutting edge ½" x 6" hardened (replaceable)
Nose edge ½" hardened plate (replaceable)




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