Double Trip Sidewalk Snowplow

Winter can take a toll on sidewalks creating uneven surfaces which makes plowing snow difficult. The Double Trip Sidewalk Plow was built for municipalities that have a significant number of toe trips resulting in constant plow tripping. The double trip system trips the mouldboard 35° and the cutting edge 40° which protects both the plow and the MT from damage when obstacles are encountered.Built for the toughest environments, adjustable trip springs allow you to modify the trip-edge tension to the specific job. High strength stress-proof steel pivot pins and abrasion resistant steel plate skid shoes provide excellent wear resistance.

Current Stock:
Cutting edge ½" x 6" hardened steel
Angling 30° left or right
Cylinders 2 single acting
Mouldboard trip springs 2
Cutting edge trip springs 2



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