Boom Flail Mower

The Boom Flail Mower is the ideal attachment to take on the tall grass and weeds, brush, hedges and small trees that occupy these spaces. It provides better visibility than side or rear mount boom flails resulting in less operator fatigue and safer operation. Hydrostatic control permits the operator to constantly vary the ground speed without shifting gears allowing him/her to concentrate and react more quickly when approaching an obstruction. The compact size of the MT and Boom Flail causes less interference with passing traffic than large agricultural type tractor/mower combinations and is an added benefit when travelling to and from the job site.

Current Stock:
Width of cut 43½" (1105mm); overall width of head 53½" (1359mm)
Horizontal reach 13½-feet from center of MT to outside cut
Below grade cut 53" (1346mm)
Vertical reach 13½' (4115mm)
Overall level ground cutting coverage 11-feet, starting 5" inside outer tire
Number of cutting blades 33
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