Blend Boss

The Blend BossTM is a stand-alone chemical blending station that will allow for up to a three product in-line blend of nearly all liquid de-icing chemicals. This groundbreaking unit can be installed with any new or existing tank farm. Quick and accurate volume based blending can now be accomplished with the touch of a button.

Current Stock:

• Three Product Volumetric Blending
Ability to make “hot mix” blends using nearly any de-icing chemical

• On-the-Fly Adjustability
Make changes to your blend before or during a storm depending on precipitation and temperature changes

• Inline Blending
Fill the truck as needed - no need to store a premixed blend in a storage tank prior to an event. This also eliminates the “layering” effect associated with a manual filling process.

• Closed Loop Control
Ensures fast, efficient blending with an automatic shutdown once the target gallonage has been met

• Storage Tank Recirculation
Allows for off-season recirculation of tank farm to prevent material settling

• Stainless Steel Pump Heads

• Full Data Tracking and Logging
Track actual blends as well as material used in one easy interface

• RFID Login
Prevents any unauthorized changes to blending target rates

• Remote User Interface
Allows defined users to log in from remote locations

• Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Thermally Protected Motors
Available in single or three phase

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