ARM Model 1500 or Model 2000 Front Discharge Leaf Loader

The machine is designed for one person operation and capable of picking up leaves from curb sides, median strips, ditches, open spillways, and other areas. Further, the machine mulches the leaves and deposits them in the bed (hopper) of a tow vehicle.
Current Stock:
  • Low cost leaf removal with right or left hand pickup.
  • Forward or rear intake design.
  • 16″ diameter hose heavy or light duty.
  • Direct drive Power Take-Off with over-center clutch protects engine from shock loads.
  • Low tip-to-housing clearance on suction fan creates hurricane-forced air flow.
  • 74 HP diesel engine collects debris at 2500 RPM.
  • 25″ and 30″ steel fan with six abrasion-resistant blades is statically and dynamically balanced.
  • 16,600 and 24,200 CFM available for highly efficient air and litter movement.